I am sorry to bother you, but it would make my life if you voted for me

If I win, i get to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway for free!
Its such a wonderful opportunity, and I would love it so very much.
Broadway is my dream,
please vote for me, you don't have to sign up for anything, its two clicks and then you're done.

Pretty Please with sugar on top
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Suppity Sup

Sup, So just found this place and thought i would Chime in ya know. Pay my 2 Cents. So I'm an Actor, well im just starting rehersals for my second Play. haha I'm 18 and From Fremont. (gotta Rep the 510) so yeah.. um... i'm just chillen at my friends house and she's cooking and it smells fantabulous.. so alrighty.. LATA

why, hello

hello, this is morgan. i was a member of this community, and then i deleted my journal and made a new one, so i'm re-joining. anyways, my favorite musical ever is "Tommy", and my favorite more mainstream musical is "A Chorus Line." i love musical theater, though i am not that hot of a singer, and in my spare time i enjoy photography, playing weird english people at internet backgammon, and just being a generally "interesting" person.

oh yeah, and i'm from fremont, ca, and am a starstruck kid.